Trousers by DROMe and Coat by Arthur Avellano.


Left: Trousers and Boots by Véronique LeroyShirt by Uniqlo, Jacket by DROMe and Belt by stylist's own. Right: Trousers by Ainur Turisbek, Jacket worn underneath and Shoes by Off-White, Coat by Facetasm.




Right: Collar and Coat by Véronique Leroy.


Left: Trousers by Anne Sofie Madsen, Top by Off-White and Belt by Zana Bayne.





Isolation Motifs is tackles the experience of womanhood in the context of frequent and necessary moments of isolation. The world is far from being a jungle anymore, but defensive mechanisms are used every day. Who are the predators? Why do they still thrive?

Maturity, relentlessness, strength – these are the qualities photographer Alex Huanfa Cheng and stylist Rumiko Koyama seek to emphasise in their story. The use of light and geometry complicates the narrative and shifts the focus from the human body, thus avoiding the corporeal essentialisation of the subject. Isolation, in this case, happens in plain sight, but is nonetheless effective. 


PhotographerAlex Huanfa Cheng

Stylist - Rumiko Koyama

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Sachi Yamashita

Make-Up Artist - Asami Kawai

Talent - Michela at Women Management