Zendaya is grabbing everyone's attention with her new single ‘Something New’, calling on support from notorious musician, Chris Brown who features on today’s hottest track.

Co-produced by Babyface, Zendaya sings over a skilful and sensual remix of TLC’s ‘Creep’. Tweeting earlier, the teen sensation shared news of her release with her growing army of fans: “I know y'all been waiting for something new. #seewhatididthere #SomethingNew #Friday”.

Over the last year, Zendaya has been grafting away with production talent such as Timbaland and Diane Warren, working towards a recording to follow up and rival her 2013 debut album. The pocket-sized singer told MTV, “I would say it’s the new wave of R&B, it’s where I think it should be going, or it should be headed.” Summing up, she noted how her next musical output will have a “very old-school vibe, but… a new-age version.”

Zendaya's 'Something New' artwork

PETRIe’s Editor-in-Chief, Zadrian Smith told the PETRIe team, “Working with Zendaya and her team to create the image for the single was exciting – we were channelling bad ass rock chick! I think we succeeded!”

‘Something New’ will be available to download this Friday, and you can listen to a snippet here. Check out her new music video ‘Neverland’ over on Youtube. For more news and music keep up with Zendaya on her Twitter, Instagram and Vevo pages.

Words: Luke Cole