Escape into the romantic and uplifting, song ‘Fahrenheit’. This brand new addition from Cardiff trio XY&O boasts summer vibes and storytelling. With a lot going on sonically, from the dissolving beat to shimmering guitar, there is plenty of rhythm and plucked strings echoing throughout. Speaking with Skip - (Vocals and Guitar), Tudor - (Programming/Keys) and Nick - (Lead Guitar), I discover more about the band and what’s next in store for the trio.

LC: The new song ‘Fahrenheit’ is romantic and uplifting, what are the lyrics inspired by?

Skip: Thanks! Well…have you ever seen ‘Grease’? We based the song on the opening scene from the film, you know, when Danny and Sandy say goodbye after all the heavy summer loving’ they’ve been doing? I’m joking - sort of - but the song is about summer coming to an end and all the elemental melancholy that goes with it.

LC: The song ‘Lights On’ feels chilled do you all enjoy writing music with a slower beat?

Tudor: Yeah, I guess we do. Lights On was the first song we wrote together and we made a decision to make the song slightly slower than most typical four to the floor pop/dance tracks. We’re pretty sure we slot into some sub-genre of dance but we aren’t too strict about Bpm placement, whatever feels the most natural really.

LC: How did you all meet and can you remember your first show?

Skip: Tudor and I met through a mutual friend. I used to work at a little studio in Cardiff Bay and a hip hop artist came in one day and brought his beat writer with him. That was Tudor. We hit it off straight away and almost instantly decided we should work on writing some tracks together. As for Nick (guitar), I heard his band's demo online and hunted him down straight away based on what I heard from his playing. He was like 17 and writing some really cool stuff.

LC: What music are you guys listening to right now?

Skip: I’m a big fan of Erik Hassle, he’s finally seems to be getting the response online that he deserves. We've been following his music for a while and lately he’s been getting some major love. ‘No Words’ his last (but one) single was an absolute tune.

LC: For each of you what has been the highlight of the year so far?

Skip: For me career wise the highlight of the year was definitely our debut single ‘Low Tide’ getting over the million streams mark on Spotify and going into the Global Chart. We managed to get that with barely any budget and very little initial support really which was mental.

Tudor: My highlight of the year was meeting our manager, Alex Latham. He's propelled us from being a half committed group of writers casually uploading songs onto a desolate Soundcloud page to a fully-fledged act in only a few months.

LC: Are there any European festivals you would like to perform at?

Tudor: Yeah loads, we love the Alps so it would be quality to play at any of the Alpine Snow Festivals. Also something like Montreux Jazz in the Summer as well. To be honest though, any European festival would be great, we love Europe.

LC: Who would you guys like to share a stage with and what song would you cover?

Skip: Obviously any legendary artist would be incredible to share a stage with. Sir Tom Jones would be great to keep things from the homeland. We’d also love to do a song with Annie Lennox, she’s got one the most amazing voices in music. Maybe, XY&O and Annie Lennox covering Little Red Corvette by Prince…woah, pretty weird.

Check out the band's music here on their Soundcloud. You can buy their top singles here over at Itunes music XY&O. Follow the guys over at their Website and on Twitter, for more news and information.

Words: Luke Cole

Images source: Au Mgmt