Georgia wears top and jeans by Claire Barrow. Elizabeth wears top by Claire Barrow jeans by Rachel ComeyKirra wears dress by Claire Barrow

Elizabeth wears underdress by american vintage,shirt dress by Ann Demeulemeester

Georgia wears jumpsuit by Maison Martin MarWgiela. kiraa wears body stylist's own trousers by Maison Martin Margiela. Elizabeth wears jumpsuit by Maison Martin Margiela

Elizabeth wears top to Celine, Jeans by Marques'Almeida, heels by Dior

Elizabeth wears top by Céline, Jeans by Marques'Almeida and shoes by Dior

Elizabeth wears top by Marques'Almeida pants from the RowKirra wears dress by Marques'Almeida pants from the Row. Georgia wears full look from Marques'Almeida

Kirra wears  top by Claire Barrow, trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier vintage and sandals by no. 21

Elizabeth wears jumpsuit by Maison Martin Margiela

Georgia wears top by Rick Owens, pants by MM6

Elizabeth wears T-shirt by Rick OwensKirra wears T-shirt by Helmut Lang. Georgia wears Turtleneck by Helmut Lang



Through the documentary we see the family’s struggle to rehabilitate with society. It reveals their facination for movies as an antedote to isolation; when they weren’t watching them they would recreate scenes themselves using homemade costumes and sets. Acting became a vital resource; it was their own way to escape their life. I was inspired by their creativity.

I wanted to use three female models to reflect the relationship of reliance formed between the brothers. Bound by shared experience, they have a strong and unique relationship. The three models wear similar pieces in each shot. I wanted to incorporate their obsession for movies and for the poses to be awkward - to recall the perception we have of them; like some sort of weird and fascinating species – and tender, because of their love for each other. Through this mix of awkward and tenderness, I sought to evoke a weird charisma.

My primary inspiration for this shoot was taken from the Angulo family - a real family documented in ‘The Wolfpack (2015)’. The father of the Angulo family locked his wife and seven children in a small flat in NYC for their entire life, rarely visiting the outside world. The documentary - a five year project – focuses on the six brothers, their upbringing and their growing desire to finally be free from their father.

The brothers are very similar to one another: skinny, strong featured, with the same very long dark hair. They are bizarrely dressed, as if coming from another era. Completely sheltered with no knowledge of Google, they stand outside society’s norms, with some of the brother’s feeling uncomfortable talking to the camera. Isolated and frightful, their father educated them in fear, longing to protect his family from a world that must have disappointed him and left him hopeless. For their father, life felt like prison, working was a form of slavery; freedom was to be found in keeping his family to himself.


Photographer: Jakub Koziel

Stylist: Tess Pisani

Make-Up Artist: Adele Sanderson

Hair Stylist: Kieron Lavine

Talent: Kirra Jones at Premier Model Management, Georgia Sadler at Elite London and Elizabeth Yeoman at The Hive Management