Left: Top by Dawei Studio and Scarf by Jatual. Right: Dress by Borayovskaya and Apron by Huber Egloff.

Left: Skirt and Jacket by Dawei Studio, Shirt by Issey Miyake from Vintage Clothing Paris. Right: Jacket by Marimekko from Vintage Clothing Paris.

Coat by Dawei Studio.

Left: Trousers and Coat by Jatual. Right: Trousers by Huber Egloff and Top by Issey Miyake from Vintage Clothing Paris.

Left: Trousers by Jatual. Right: Coat by Coralie Marabelle, Socks by Wolford and Glasses by Céline.


Photographer Florencia Owen Irena and stylist Sophie Ostrowska explore the paradox of contemporary youth – eager to experience everything, yet not patient enough to slow down and enjoy it. Speed is a core value of everything we do. Notions of success and progress are often inflated with a strange hybrid between the form and essence of genuine development, which is at risk of undermining both.

This story shifts the focus onto the true rebels of this world – those who take time, who do not rush towards an enhanced form of living, but rather slow down and even stop the race, in order to fully engage with what matters most: self-knowledge, true awareness of the good and the bad, joy, love, beauty. It's true that the grass is always greener on some other, often unattainable, side. In the end, however, grass is greener where you water it.


Photographer - Florencia Owen Irena

Stylist - Sophie Ostrowska

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Whitney

Make-Up ArtistMarianne Agb

Talent - Mino at Masters Models