Fia Moon is an Irish singer and songwriter whose soulful, honest and heartfelt lyrics invoke names like Jhene Aiko, Banks and The Internet. She was heavily influenced by her parents who were also Jazz and classical musicians and grew up listening to the likes of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.” 

Water Runs Through is her third single this year, following the success of The Fall and Settle Down. We spoke with Fia about her influences, her roots as a songwriter, and the story behind Water Runs Through.

Who is Fia Moon? How would you describe your musical DNA? 

I'm just a girl from Dublin, who grew up surrounded by music. I trained classically from a very young age and started doing covers gigs as a teenager. If I was to describe my sound now, I’d say it's just very honest pop with a bit of an R&B twist, which is strange having grown up in Ireland, I guess. 

Your music is very soulful, deep, and lyrical – how did you find your way to this style?

I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. Before I started writing songs, I would write poetry a lot. Going back through all my old notepads, the stuff I was writing about was very deep. With my music, I'm just trying to stay true to who I am. 

You come from a family of musicians – how did your parents influence your path towards music? Was there any point in your life when you thought of doing something else?

My parents were always singing, especially my dad. There was never a moment of silence around the house and our neighbours definitely hated us. I did think about being a lawyer at one point and getting a degree in Economics, but music has always been something that came more naturally to me than anything else. It's strange, I'm a big questioner, but there's never once been a time where I've thought I'd be happier doing anything other than music. 

What's your dream or biggest ambition as a songwriter and performer? 

To tour the world and keep releasing music that's true to my heart. A few hit songs would be nice, too!

Following the success of this year´s singles Settle Down and The Fall, you are now releasing Water Runs Through. What can you tell us about the single? What inspired you to write this song?

I started writing this song a year ago about a negative relationship in my life, where no matter what this person did, her partner would always have an issue with it. I let the song sit for a while and revisited it shortly after I released my debut single, The Fall. I had been working for months on my music without telling anyone and just suddenly put this song out for everyone to judge. Even though the song was well received, I felt all these insecurities and pressure that I put on myself. When I went back to the song, I realised how much I was my own worst enemy, and like the relationship I first spoke about, I was the one being so hard on myself.

This song means so much to me because I wrote it in acceptance of my insecurities but also in addressing them and knowing deep down that there is so much strength and power in myself as a woman. It's quite an empowering song for me and I hope that comes across to others who listen. 

What do you have in the pipeline for the near future?  

I'm working on my next releases after Water Runs Through, which will most likely be out early next year. I also have gigs coming up in London and Dublin, which I'm really excited about. I'll be announcing them pretty soon!

Fia Moon's new single 'Water Run's Through' is out now!

Words: Elena Stanciu