It's a story about loneliness. Where spaces are mad.
A story about a woman. This woman. A woman made of pieces.
Seeking for the only reward of finding herself back.
Time is going fast. Sometimes slow, sometimes reversed.
Thoughts are confused. Acts are mistaken. It's just a cycle with no doors opened.

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Directed by Nhu Xuan Hua & W.A.N.E

Fashion Director: Zadrian Smith

Model: Axelle Preterre @ Women Management

Hair: Chiao Shen

Make-Up: Vichika Yorn

Photographer's Assistant: Josh Chang

Stylist's Assistant: Brillant Nyansago

Special Thanks to: Robin Meason at Ritual Projects, Vetements, Tada & Toy, Sweet Pea Jewellery and Fanny Viguier, Lou Virguier, Felix Cornu.