With the theme of ‘Rejection’ in all our minds from PETRIe 66, we asked the PETRIe Team: Have you experienced failure and what has it taught you?

Zadrian Smith, Editor-in-Chief:

Absolutely! Everyone has experienced failure and those who say they haven’t are lying. Failure has taught me that it’s okay to fail and actually quite necessary, because from failure we grow, we evolve, we get better, we find out what we don’t want and need in life.

Campbell Addy, Creative Director and Youth and Subculture Editor:

Of course I have experienced failure, just like everyone else, but what it taught me was that I’m human. Humans are allowed to make mistakes because from the mistakes, we grow and conquer. Without mistakes we can never develop. It’s also taught me that the failures exist for a reason and that’s to aid us in our path no matter where it’s heading. It has allowed time for me to re-evaluate my life. I was then able to think and truly be in tune with my surroundings and plan my next move. I believe one truly fails if they let failure take over them - accept it and move on. 

Grace Carter, Editorial and Features Director:

All the time - it is a natural part of life. I used to find it really tough, but now I operate on the principle that everything happens for a reason. If it didn’t work out, then either it wasn’t meant to be or I was supposed to gain a life lesson from it - so work out what that lesson was, establish how to move forwards, and go from there. Every failing in life is a lesson in something. Maybe I trusted the wrong people, perhaps I was naïve, maybe I didn’t work hard enough or I wasn’t ready mentally or physically; perhaps it wasn’t the right opportunity for me. The key is to not let it eat you up or dwell on it, but to turn it into a positive. You never know, the right opportunity may be just around the corner, leading you to unexpected better things!

Desi Lazarova, International Fashion Director:

Yes, and it can make you feel quite low at the time, but it toughens you up and it makes you more determined to succeed. 

Desmond Lim Zhengs, Fashion Director:

Absolutely, I have experienced failure - but without experiencing that, it would not have taught me to do better and to work harder to improve my craft. I don’t think any accomplished individual would not have experienced failure. If they say otherwise, they’re either lying or delusional or both. I see it as an editing process that helps me improve, and another step towards achieving success. 

Katie Aske, Features Editor:

I don’t really believe in failure. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you wanted them to, but ultimately you make your own path and you just have to keep moving forward until you get where you want to go - or somewhere better.

Elizabeth Neep, Features Associate:

I am prone to setting myself high standards, and so almost inevitably have experienced the full force of failure. Each time it reminds me that I am human. It humbles me, and I become thankful that my self-worth does not come from my success. Sometimes though, there is a very specific lesson to learn, an area or skill in which you have to grow. If you fall, fall with grace - learn, grow and don’t let it go to waste.

Angela Hamilton-Daley, Beauty Editor:

Yes, I have experienced failure many times in my life. Each time I have failed, it has taught me how to develop courage through a grieving process, which then allows me to move on. It's almost like experiencing a re-birth, becoming open to new opportunities and challenges.

Blake Erik, Beauty Editor:

Of course I have, and still do. You don’t fully understand how important something is to you until you’ve failed at it. The lessons I’ve learned through my failures have helped sculpt every major success in my life throughout the last year. If you can learn to accept failure as a tool to success and learn from your mistakes, you can accomplish anything.

Martin Brown, Financial Director and Politics Editor:

Failure always leads to success if you’re focussed and committed.

Brillant Nyansago, Managing Editor and Social Media Editor:

Yes, several times. It taught me that failure is OK as long as I learn from it.

Sorana Serban, Art Editor:

I’ve experienced dissatisfaction or a sense that I could have done something better, but I’m still a novice regarding failure, so I’ll leave lessons for later (if there’ll be any).

Charlotte Sutherland-Hawes, Lifestyle Editor:

It’s taught me that what is meant to be, will be, and so long as you put your all in, the world is your oyster. If someone knocks you off your path, jump straight back up and show them what you’re worth.

Dimas Bian, Music Editor:

All the time and I love it. It has taught me to just enjoy the ride because nothing lasts forever.


Words: Team Collective

Image: Caïn by Henri Vidal, Tuileries Garden, Paris, 1896.