Trousers by Mo&Co, Bra by Baserange.


Left: Jumpsuit by Pleats Please Issey Miyake. Right: Trousers by Marques’Almeida.


Left: Trousers by Marques’Almeida. Right: Jacket by Pleat Please Issey Miyake.


Left: Trousers by Mo&Co, Bra by Baserange. Right: Dress by Pleats Please Issey Miyake.

Shot by Gerardo Vizmanos and styled by Liza Jugolainen, Truth focuses on the strength and beauty of the female body, in its most veracious state. In shape and movement, the female figure transforms itself and its surroundings, constantly reinterpreting the very story of femininity.

There is no correct form. There is no tangible truth of the body, no box to fit it in. The body becomes true through its own self-manifestation, a permanently active performance of its own vitality and plasticity, a reinvention of its limits and its shadows, and a recuperation of its freedom.

Photographer - Gerardo Vizmanos

Stylist - Liza Jugolainen

Layout Editor - Suleika Müller

Hair Stylist - Chloe Frieda 

Make-Up Artist - Jinny Kim

Talent - Anna Nevaia at The Hive Management