We are pleased to announce 'Transparency', the beginning of the new face of PETRIe Digital. After the positive reception we received from our monthly eMagazines, the team has decided to explore the idea of generating content from a singular monthly theme. This allows our contributors to allocate more time on their research and development, culminating in rich visual and textual results with intelligent and informed critique at its core. This approach is central to the identity of PETRIe and aligns with the strategy already in place for our annual print publications, which have always been created around a themed discourse.

This month, we explore the theme of Transparency, its literal and metaphorical interpretations and their relevance in society today. Key pieces include the visual interpretation of the phenomenological philosophies of Maurice Merleau Ponty in 'As Meaning' by Adi Admoni & Noa Zarfati, a deconstruction of fashion objectivity through Suprematism by Si West and an analysis from Skye Maree-Dixon on the sideline advertising high we currently find ourselves experiencing through brand and celebrity endorsed social media strategies.

We hope you enjoy our celebration of the unique perspectives of our contributors throughout the month.

Zadrian Smith and Benjamin Thapa

Co-Editors in Chief