Body by Camilla Mecacci.

Full look by Yeojin Kim.

Body by Joanna Wawrzynczak.

Jacket by Victoria Craven.

Left:  Trousers by   Yeojin Kim   and Top by   Yulia Kondranina . Right:  Jacket by   Yulia Kondranina .

Left: Trousers by Yeojin Kim and Top by Yulia Kondranina. Right: Jacket by Yulia Kondranina.

Left: Tights by Emilio Cavallini, Skirt by Yulia Kondranina, Top model's own and Shoes stylist's own. Right: Full look by Issey Miyake.


Trousers by Jh ZaneJacket by Victoria Craven and Shoes stylist's own.


Inspired by the deconstructive order of the Bauhaus costumes, Theatre of Disorder develops a story with the focus on the process of chronophotography, employed to deconstruct dance movement and posture.

Gestures, styling, and disposition draw on the geometry and paradox of the absurd, a deeply disorderly condition, which simultaneously builds and takes apart the narrative. Photographer Auriane Defert and Stylist Andreea G. Radoi opt for a mix of austere and alluring aesthetic elements, with light and composition creating a unique time and space of this unruly, unpredictable visual story.


Photographer - Auriane Defert

Stylist - Andreea G. Radoi

Set-DesignerCamila Perma

Guest Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistShaun Mcintosh

Make-Up ArtistZiima Yosuke Nakajima

TalentLaura Newman at Select Model Management

Stylist’s AssistantCorrie Black