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Jacket by McQ by Alexander McQueen.

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Left: Full Look by Mulberry. Right: Trousers by Kolor, Jumper by Diesel Black Gold and Coat by Loewe.

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Dress by Wanda Nylon.

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Left: Shirt and Jacket by Diesel Black Gold. Right: Shoes by Loewe.

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Trousers by Diesel Black Gold and Shoes by Stella McCartney.

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Left: Jeans by Neith Nyer and Shirt by Kenzo. Right: Full Look by Diesel Black Gold.

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Left and Right: Shirt and Coat by Kenzo.

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Jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim.


The Unattended Mind and The Silent Soul is a story of transformation – the return of femininity to a more nuanced, organic understanding, free from preconception and stereotype. The binary relation between body and mind, between presence and thought, is tackled as an open concept, while an alternative mode of categorisation is being proposed.

Photographer Manuel Obadia-Wills and stylist Rumiko Koyama propose a visualisation of silence – the kind of silence that has defined the experience of being a woman for centuries; the intention is to question the silencing factors, as they might be embedded in visual cultures that traverse societies unchallenged.


PhotographerManuel Obadia-Wills

StylistRumiko Koyama

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistVincent De Moro

Make-Up ArtistMasae Ito

Talent - Viktoriia Gerasimova at Marilyn Agency Paris