The fashion ecosystem is inhabited by butterflies and moths. Some flit fancifully, ever-evolving. Others shine briefly, heading for the flames. At events such as Graduation Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, my focus is upon documenting young subjects, often so sweet and tender, quickly bruised, easily broken.

You can love the fast lane, but the fast lane will not love you back. Alcohol, drugs, clubland. How quickly the body and soul react and take this? Flying around the clouds on drugs might feel good, but avoid the mirror the next day, and the day after that. I lament the all-too-current cult of self-abusive pleasure that I witness within the UK. I display the like-minded individuals who feel neglected by society. Photography is a medium that enables me to freeze, frame, and sustain identities of tender but damaged youth.

Photographer - Martyna Eidukynaite