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Tights by FalkeShorts and Bra by Chiatzy Chen, Jacket by Drome, Sunglasses by Andy WolfNecklace and Brooch stylist's own.

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Left: Shoes by Y/Project. Right: Tights by FalkeShirt by Andrea Crews, Jacket by AKT, Shoes by Hyun Mi Nielson, Gloves, Socks and Necklace stylist's own.

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Left: Knickers by Petit Bateau, Stocking by Wolford. Right: Shirt by Noa Kapchitz at Ritalined, Vest by Koché, Sunglasses by Pawaka, Earings and Necklace stylist’s own.

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Left: Jacket by Fiorella Prato, Dress by Marta Marino, Gloves by ACABA, Earings by Douglas Poon, Neck Piece stylist’s own. Right: Sunglasses by Pawaka.

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Jacket stylist’s own and Earrings by Koché

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Left: Skirt Koché, Knickers by Yasmine Eslami, Knickers worn underneath by Petit Bateau. Right: Skirt by Liu ChaoJacket Missoni, Gloves and Bracelets stylist’s own.


Old money and new ways. Sacred heritage, but profane minds. The generation of today in a pseudo depression, a golden prison. A lost corpse wandering in a postmodern reality.

Photographer Anthony Seklaoui and stylist Yumna Mirza put together a story of modernity trapped in a loop of grace and decadence, each following the other; both inspiring contemporary experiences of beauty and glamour. With frames and shots of lyrical strength, The Past is Grotesque taps into a visual richness that explores the limits of nostalgia, in the context of its cultural necessity.


PhotographerAnthony Seklaoui

StylistYumna Mirza

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistSayaka Otama

Make-Up ArtistHiroyo Iwaki

TalentTiedy at Premium Models