PETRIe is proud to present “The Opera of Prehistoric Creatures”, the first part of a trilogy by London-based artist Marguerite Humeau. Sleek black sculptures generating alien sounds are informed by Humeau’s massive research into forms of life preceding humanity. As a master student in design interatctions at the Royal College of Art, Humeau started an ambitious quest into ways of reconstructing the distant past from fragments of biological memory; in this case, the vocal tracts of prehistoric creatures.

Read Where the Wild Things Are – an extensive interview with Marguerite Humeau in PETRIe 67.

Designer: Marguerite Humeau
Video: Benjamin Penaguin
Sound Design & Artificial Intelligence: Association Phonotonic (Julien Bloit)
Sound Design Collaborator: Charles Goyard
3D Modelling: Hong Yeul Eom, Clifford Sage and Benjamin Penaguin