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Kira wears Coat by Burberry.

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Ellen wears Full Look by Christina Seewald.

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Charlotte wears Tights by CalzedoniaDress by Romy and Shoes by LK Bennett.

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Left: Charlotte wears Dress by Romy. Right: Tights by Calzedonia and Bra by Eren Hayashi.

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Ellen wears Full Look by Christina Seewald.

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Tights by   Calzedonia   and Shoes by   LK Bennett .

Tights by Calzedonia and Shoes by LK Bennett.


The striving for power is not given by nature, it is a cultural construct and arguably a part of the origin of all the destruction of our environment and wars. Men are trapped in a predetermined tragedy, as their gender role requires they continuously prove their strength and the concealment of so-called “unmanly” feelings, to fulfill the picture of manliness.

The question, then, must be: how do we break through this cycle and move past the various models of forced masculinity? “The Naked Soul“ aims to explore the original human desire for love and security, far away from a world dominated by broken stereotypes and assumption on maleness, manhood, and masculinity. The sun is rising, a new day starts.


Photographer & Art DirectorPascal Emmeran

StylistSabina Samek

Make-UpAndrew Velasquez and Asuka Fukuda

HairLouis Souvestre and Masayoshi Fujita

Talents - Kira Alferink at M&P, Ellen Henry and Charlotte Corn at Elite London