Shirt by Teija Eilola

T-shirt by Ann Demeulemeester, pants by Adam Jones and coat by Chin Mens

PD1603 [The Last Dance] P03.jpg

Trousers by Issey Miyake and jacket by Hanger inc

Dress by James Kelly

Fishnet top by Cheap Monday and trousers by Gareth Pugh

Tights stylist’s own

Tank top by Rick Owens

Full look by Rejina Pyo


Inspired by the life of Vaslav Nijinsky, arguably the most celebrated dancer of the 20th Century, Jakub Koziel and Tess Pisani explore the breadth of Nijinsky's character during his life and career, from his irrevocable fame within the Ballet Russes through to his eventual dismissal and decline thereafter.

Although extremely talented, Nijinsky led a life continually dictated to him, coupled with his thrust into the limelight as a public icon at such a young age, this proved to cause a fundamental instability in his mental health. Once dismissed from the Ballet Russes in 1913, Nijinsky fell into a schizophrenic condition experiencing hallucinations, moments of extreme violence and delusions of grandeur to the extent that at one point he proclaimed himself god. Nijinsky rarely spoke during his 30 remaining years away from dancing and the public eye. He spent the rest of his life in and out of various mental institutions and eventually died of kidney failure at a clinic in London in 1950.


PhotographerJakub Koziel

StylistTess Pisani

Make-Up ArtistPatrizia Lio using Bumble and Bumble and Bobbi Brown

TalentTheio at Established