PD1511 [The Bed, Untitled] P01.jpg

Shirt and Trousers by Céline

Skirt worn underneath from National Theatre Archive and Dress by Chalayan 

Slip from National Theatre Archive

Dress and Trousers by Katie Roberts Wood

Dress by Saint Laurent

Dress and Trousers by Katie Roberts Wood


My inspiration for this story comes from recent personal experiences and research into changing states. There was no direct artist inspiration as it was a reaction and response to an event (lets call it) however, I have drawn inspiration and direction from Paul Outerbridge, Lynd Ward, and Spike Jones.


Photographer: Callum Toy

StylistKatie Tillyer

Make-Up Artist:  Alexandra Pouliadis using M.A.C Cosmetics

Hair StylistSophie Anderson

Set DesignJoseph Turnbull

TalentVita Kan at Select Model Management

Photographic AssistantJan Stasuik