We are pleased to present Taliami e te Fazzu Petra: One Gaze and You´ll Turn into Stone, a behind-the-scenes special film to accompany the eponymous story in the newly released PETRIe 69: Extinction.

With photography by Salvatore di Gregorio and fashion by Fabio Merche, the story directs the spotlight onto the transgender community of Sicily, an area dominated by tradition and prone to discrimination. Taliami e te Fazzu Petra is both candid and fierce, as it offers an alternative to the use of representation in the wider network of building, promoting, seeing, and empowering identity.

Photographer - Salvatore di Gregorio

Videographer & Stylist - Fabio Merch

Talent - Blacka Kindom, Cioccolatina, Fiorella, Lulu

Stylist’s Assistant - Tiziano Viticchie