'She would move the tree rather more to the middle' follows Giulia, as she tells her story of lost and regained identity. Love is here an agent of dissolution: it takes over, eliminates boundaries, to the point of total convergence. Inspired by Virgina Woolf's 'To the Lighthouse,' the title announces a search for selfhood, the need to return to one's own being.

Giulia loses herself in all-encompassing we, and ends up mimicking her lover, in a distressing process of assimilation – body and mind. Escape comes from what looks like a ritual of liberation – shedding layers of the other brings relief and self-recognition.

Originally commissioned by the London Short Film Festival and The Milan Festival of Letters, Anna Maguire's film is an enchanting narrative of liberation, love and loss.


Director and WriterAnna Maguire

FeaturingAnna Maguire, David Sufrin, Erin Carter and Julia Hart

ProducerJesse Katzev

Director of  Photography - Cabot McNenly

Editor - Maureen Grant

Composer - Joe White