Tiffany wears Skirt and Shirt from  Cenci Vintage, Shoes by Weejuns and Broach from Gillian Horsup.

Tiffany wears Skirt by Harry Evans, Coat and Necklace from Cenci VintageShoes by Weejuns.

Jibriil wears Trousers by Dior Homme vintage, Shirt by Clare Spencer and Boots from Absolute Vintage.

Jibriil wears Trousers and Belt from Absolute Vintage, Top by Bella Macleod.

Tiffany wears Coat stylist's own and Earrings from Gillian Horsup.

Rabbi wears Trousers by Our Legacy, Corset from Cenci Vintage and Shoes by Weejuns.

Rabbi wears Trousers and Vest from Cenci Vintage, Neckpiece stylist's own and Broach from Gillian Horsup.

Tiffany wears Skirt and Shirt from Cenci Vintage, Earrings from Gillian Horsup.


Inspired by the French Post-Impressionist artist, Paul Gaugin, this story references the painter´s intention towards beauty, the effortless attempt to engage with its form and essence. This story is simultaneously a tribute to Gaugin, and a meditation piece on the conditions and possibilities of renewal through a constant questioning of modernity and of how we plan and engage with creative invention.

Photographer Richard Dowker and stylist Olivier Boivin-Carrier apply their own reading of Gaugin´s oeuvre to explore the complicated relationship between setting, subject, life, and movement, avoiding at all times enchantment with norms and aesthetic expectations.


Photographer - Richard Dowker

Stylist - Olivier Boivin-Carrier

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Set Designer - Nuha Mekki

Hair Stylist - Amidat Giwa

Make-Up Artist - César Dario

TalentsTiffany at PRM, Jibriil at Wilhelmina and Rabbi at D1 Models

Photographer's AssistantJanina Fleckhaus

Set Designer's  AssistantRose Malein

Special thanks to RiDa UK Studios