Left: Vintage Tights and Body, Belt by SHIRTAPORTER, Earring (left) by Gogo Philip, Earring (right) by SHIRTAPORTER. Right: Vintage Tights and Body, Top by Melampo, Jacket by SWORD 6.6.44, Shoes by SHIRTAPORTER.


Left: Body, Trousers and Gilet by Valenti, Vintage Leg Warmers, Trainers by Lotto. Right: Boby by Fantabody, Vintage Glove and Earring by Gogo Philip.


Left: Jeans by Salvatore Vignola, Body by Fantabody, Shoes by Le Saunda, Sunglasses by Pugnale and Earring by Gogo Philip.

Inspired by the legendary American ice skater Tonya Harding, photographer Arianna Genghini and stylist Julia Beo propose a story that seeks to celebrate the endurance of women, the inner strength and resilience that almost always come attached with the experience of being or becoming a woman. Tragic and moving, Harding’s story is not an exclusive focus here – Rocket Girl is a visual translation of the powerful personalities of performers everywhere.

In a world where male athletes are paid more than female ones; where there is still a gap in legitimising male and female sports, this editorial aims to bring the female performer and athlete in the limelight, pushing for necessary awareness and conversation about female empowerment. 

Photographer - Arianna Genghini

Stylist - Julia Beo

Make-Up Artist - Ilaria Bosco

Hair Stylist - Yu Nagatomo

Light Technician - Davide Carlini

Talent - Bianca Burini

Stylist Assistant - Sarah Misciali