All looks by Richard Quinn.


Deconstruction. Part II addresses modes of construction and representations of femininity through the use of the female body as a central trope in fashion. Seeking to break the rules of the common and the mainstream, this project inverts fashion imagery, attempting a deeper understanding and simultaneous celebration of female embodiment in postmodern visual culture.

Creative Director Fabio Merche opts for conceptual, experimental image making techniques, as his subject embarks upon an abstract journey towards her identity. The choice of medium speaks to the importance of storytelling and meaning making through the moving image, challenging viewers to question their own significant role in the process of looking.


Videographer - Paul Franco

Creative Director and Stylist - Fabio Merche

Hair Stylist - Christos Vourlis

Talent - Gaia Orgeas at WModels

Music Script Writers - Alexis and Paul Franco

Assistant to Videographer - Pierre-Audric Gadeau

Special thanks to Totem PR, Claire Bernand, Samia Giobellina and Laurence Franco.