Farhan wears Trousers by Daniel W. Feltcher, Top by Ahmed Sorour, Socks by Ka Wa Key and Ballet Slippers by Block. Alex wears Tights by Calzedonia, Trousers by Ahmed Sorour, Top worn underneath by Natural Born Winner, Fringe Top worn on top by Yulia Kondranina, Ballet Slippers by Bloch, Feather Collar stylist’s own and Gloves by Adam Forst from Hundred Showroom.


Alex wears Tight by Calzedonia, Dress by Teatum Jones, Top by Ahmed Sorour, Gloves by Alexandra Seweryniak and Earrings by Aebat.


Alex wears Dress worn underneath by Alexandra Seweryniak, Dress worn on top by Logshaw Ward and Necklace by R.Serra. Farhan wears Tights by Falke and Trousers by Johanna Parv.


Alex wears Skirt by Yulia Kondranina, Top by Boo Pala and Scarf stylist‘s own. Farhan Trousers by Gaberon GBRN and Socks by Falke.

Photographer Tom Selmon and stylist Noemie Schelbert present Rhythm of my Heart, a story that visually connects the corporeal with the ethereal; the embodied experience of a beating heart with the rhythm of dance. The body has somatic responses to music and dance; we can trace emotions on the skin – in a blush, a shiver, a palpitating wrist. Passion has colours, textures, and shapes – it moves through the body, and floods senses. This story delves into the effects of dance and reaches beyond the performative, to grasp the depth of transformative experience.

Photographer - Tom Selmon

Stylist - Noemie Schelbert

Hair - Junko Hirakose

Make-Up - Chiharu Wakabayashi

Dancer - Alex Dallimore

Talent - Farhan Alam at Supa Model Management

Fashion Assistant - Büşra Orgun