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Body by Wolford, Top by José Arboleda and Gloves by Georges Morand.

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Left: Shirt by Ernest W. Baker, Top by José ArboledaCoat by Uniforme Paris and Earrings Vintage. Right: Trousers by Raphaël Caron, Jumper by Uniforme Paris and Shoes by Neith Nyer.

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Trousers, Jacket and Shoes by Neith Nyer.

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Trousers and Jacket by Ernest W. Baker and Shirt by  Uniforme Paris.

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Trousers stylist's own, Jumper Vintage and Jacket by Ernest W. Baker.

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Left: Shirt by Uniforme Paris, Vest Top by Ernest W. Baker and Bag by José Arboleda. Right: Trousers by Quoï Alexander.

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Right:  Trousers by Raphaël Caron, Shirt by Ernest W. BakerTop by Uniforme ParisHat by Neith Nyer and Socks by Falke.

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Left: Shirt by Uniforme Paris, Hat by Soo Hyunpark, Glove by Georges Morand and Necklace stylist's own. Right: Trousers and Shirt by Uniforme Paris.


Shot entirely on an analog camera by photographer Clémentine Passet, this story follows its character in a particular environment, typically Parisian indoor settings, setting a tone of a bohemian lifestyle, inviting the viewer to rethink established ideas of class and taste in connection with creativity and freedom of expression.

Stylist Samuel Bardaji avoids gender-specific styling, in an attempt to match the sense of universality and intelligentsia of a certain era. The evolution of the character is evident, visually caught in a display that includes famous thinkers and notable figures.


Photographer Clémentine Passet

StylistSamuel Bardaji

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

GroomingSayaka Otama

TalentRemi at Elite Paris