This playlist reaches new levels, dynamically standing out with its continuous ability to merge electronic resonance, prolonged drumbeats and a sense of disorder - one that creates chaos whilst a constant stream of experimentation loops on and on. This set list is inspired by the unknown mystery of a live space and the performance born through exhibition; the listeners are encapsulated within an environment that celebrates creativity and relative innovation.

Look out for keys songs including - 'Keith Kenniff / Helios - Hollie' and  'Vessels - Elliptic'. 'Polynation - Damp' furthers the scope of the playlist changing its shape whilst moving into new heights and calmer forms. It is darker, deeper and progressive with mood twisting from 'Rival Consoles -3 Chords' and 'Floating Points - Silhouettes (I, II & III)' standing out this week.

With minimal contemporary pieces coupled with more complex electronic layering, Reactive playlist is both explosive and far reaching. Atmospherically complex, and at the same time, free and minimal.

Subheim - Red Rudge

Steamy Peen - Dookie Pack feat DRK

Rival Consoles - 3 Chords

Polynation - Why You

Applescal - Overseas

Keith Kenniff / Helios - Hollie (Rafael Anton Irisarri Remix)

Bachar Mar-Khalifé - Kyrie Eleison

Floating Points - Silhouettes (I, II & III)

Holy Other - Touch

Drip 122 - Damp, Still feat Antonio, Cat Soup, Curtis Heron, Drew the Architect and Smitty the bg

Polynation - Damp

Guy Gerber - Catch U By Surprise

Rival Consoles - Ghosting

John Lemke - The Unwinding

Vessels - Elliptic

Hauschka - Sunrise 1

Gregory Taylor - Navier Ex3

Peter Broderick - Eyes Closed And Traveling

Kelly Wyse - Für Alina (Rafael Anton Irisarri)

Federico Albanese - Migrants