Right: Knickers by Hanger, Bra and Jacket by Faith Connexion, Gloves by Carolina Amato. Left: Jumpsuit by Hanger and Shoes stylist's own.

Right: Boots by ALYX. Left: Trousers by Faith Connexion and Top by Hanger.

Right: Bodysuit by Hanger, Top by ALYX, Gloves by Carolina Amato and Boots by Laurence Dacade. Left: Skirt and Top by Barbara Bui, Jacket by Pyer Moss, Sunglasses by Selima Optique and Boots by Carven.

Jumpsuit by Maison Ullens, Bra by Alix and Boots by Barbara Bui.

Right: Trousers & Bra by Hanger, Vest by Each x Other and Sunglasses by Vintage Frames Company.


Racing is the ultimate independent sport: one individual, one machine, accelerating at dizzying speeds for the win. This story explores the freedom to shine and embrace one's identity,  regardless of social or cultural environment – a personal race against a myriad of factors.  

Photographer David Hans Cooke and stylist Marisa Ellison place self-expression and individualism at the core of their creative vision, as they push their setting and character to transcend gender stereotypes. A woman who chooses to immerse herself in a traditionally male-dominated sport illustrates empowerment and the ability to stand out for her inherent uniqueness. The merging of the high fashion styling with the grittiness of the drag racetrack venue visually demonstrate the strength and independence of their muse.


Photographer - David Hans Cooke

Stylist - Marisa Ellison

Layout EditorLuca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Beth Shanefelter

Make-Up Artist - Rei Tajima using MAC Cosmetics

Talent - Stasha Yatchuk at Women Management NY