Yvan wears top by Jean Colonna, trousers from American Apparel, belt by Y/Project

Iman wears jacket and trousers by Vivienne Westwood Red Label, earring stylist's own

Moon wears top by Junko Shimada at Vintage Clothing Paris, necklace and bracelet worn as necklace by 1-100

Matiu wears top and stud earring by Julien David, earring by Justine Clenquet

Matiu wears dress and belt worn as a choker by Comme des Garçons at Vintage Clothing Paris, belt from kilo-shop vintage

Moon wears top by Masha Ma, skirt and belt from Hippy Market, tights from Wolford, necklace by Justine Clenquet, gloves and trainers stylist's own

Djavan wears necklace by 1-100

Matiu wears gloves and tights by Jean-Paul Gaultier at Vintage Clothing Paris, high waisted knickers from Wolford, shoes by Vanessa Bruno, earrings by Julien David, necklace by Justine Clenquet

Yvan wears top from Hippy Market, jeans from American Apparel, belt from kilo-shop vintage

Thyra wears bra from Base Range, fur sleeve and key rings worn as rings by Quentin Véron, trousers from Hippy Market, earring by Justine Clenquet

Iman wears jacket and trousers by A.F. Vandevorst, earring by Julien David

Thyra wears jacket by Saint Laurent, earring and necklace by Justine Clenquet

Thyra wears top by Céline


In light of this year being the 40th anniversary of Punk, Priscillia Saada & Samia Giobellina explore the essential iconography and spirit of the counter culture movement. Focusing on individual expression, the punk scene gained momentum in the 1970s from an ambitious DIY youth culture with roots in an anti-establishment sentiment. Much to the recoil of ‘wider society’ thrashy music with heavily effected guitars and aggressive voices intended to offend began to filer into mainstream culture, permanently altering the perception of the anarchic breakaway individual.


PhotographerPriscillia Saada

Stylist: Samia Giobellina

Make-Up: Marianna Yurkiewicz using MAC Cosmetics

Hair: Yoshiko Haruki

Set design: Giovanna Martial

Models: Djavan at Success Models, Iman at Next Paris, Matiu at IMG Paris, Moon at Nevs, Thyra at Elite Paris and Yvan at New Madison