Closing the London Pride Festival on 8th July, the Pride Parade marks half a century since homosexuality was partially decriminalised in England and Wales. For an exclusive photo reportage for PETRIe Independence, photographer Camilla Glorioso joined more than 25,000 people in celebrating freedoms and rights already attained, and keeping the fight going for the many more victories the LGBTQ+ community strives to achieve.

A flowing, winding mass of colour, beauty, love, and respect, the parade itself reflects the fluidity of gender and identity today. Moving within the open space of the city, and covering the streets has the symbolic value of taking hopeful steps towards a necessary end to sexism, prejudice, and bias. The parade acknowledges and affirms the complexities of our world, the untameable diversity of a city that refuses definition and categorisation, as it constantly renews itself, adds to its numbers, colours, and shapes. This photo story does not, perhaps, do justice to the size of the parade, but it fully captures its spirit through details and characters – the unbroken bond of love and acceptance.


Words - Elena Stanciu

Photographer - Camilla Glorioso

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri