Left: Ignacia Zordan. Right: Masha Ma.

Left: Ignacia Zordan. Right: Anne Sofie Madsen.

Left and right: Jacquemus.

Yohji Yamamoto

Left and right: Koché.

Left and right: Alexis Mabille.

Left: Yang Li. Right: Jacquemus.


Memory is a crucial part of working as a live illustrator: memorising fragments of collections, looks and the attitudes that embody them. I never look back; the drawing ends with the show. 

A photo captures a glimpse, while an illustration aims to capture the experience. It's a form of opinion, a visual interpretation of the collection, with no reference to what is written within the show notes or press release.

The illustration becomes a world of its own. Mood and themes are established through simple lines and watercolour. When a drawing is created, memory endures, as the show carries on.


Illustrator - Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan