PETRIe 69: Extinction issue is now available exclusively on

We are pleased to announce the release of our 5-year anniversary issue – PETRIe 69: Extinction. This issue treats the idea of extinction with a variety of interpretations, looking both at individual experiences of loss, alteration, or displacement, and at collective, large-scale events and phenomena.

The issue is designed as an act of reflection and commitment to action: on the role of creative producers in an industry threatened with extinction; our universal responsibility for what surrounds us; our capacity to imagine and create a more sustainable and valuable world. Partly a reaction to the increasingly popular notion that “print is dead,” PETRIe 69 is an effort to highlight the importance of keeping independent publications alive.

PETRIe 69 puts together work from young emerging photographers and writers, as well as names established in the photography and fashion worlds. With works by artists such as Alban Lécuyer, Annie Collinge, Zach Blas, Megan St Clair, Romain Jacquet-Lagreze, Don Brodie, Clara Giaminardi, Laura Marie Cieplik, Annie Lai, Morgan Hill-Murphy, and Clara NebelingPETRIe 69 challenges stereotypical form and content, and produces alternative visualisations of beauty, decay, and environmental change.