We are pleased to announce the launch of the most recent PETRIe print issue, PETRIe 68: Not Your Savage. In this issue, we look at realities that deepen inequality, as we aim to penetrate and disturb solidified cultural patterns.

Marginal subjectivities, defined in opposition with mainstream ones, difference labelled as deviance, heteronormativity aggressively affirmed, and normality described from positions of privilege: these are a few examples of how society maintains and reproduces outdated conventions, thus enabling cultural violence and prejudice, and perpetuating injustice. Working with writers, artists, and creatives from around the globe, we have been fortunate to accurately examine such issues of inequality and bias, presenting complex points of view, in a balanced and empowering manner.

The four covers of PETRIe 68 are equally strong reflections of the diverse and daring content of the issue, encompassing the work of emerging creatives whose aesthetic and choice of subject matter align with the mission behind PETRIe – to mediate a more genuine understanding of under-looked issues, non-normative identities, and disenfranchised groups.

PETRIe 68 is available now at selected sellers in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles, and online at BoutiqueMags.


Words - Elena Stanciu

Video Editor - Fabio Merche