We are all nomads in our own stories. We all travel every day from one point to another, from a moment to the next, with hope, love, and passion. Big and small, rich and poor, strong and weak – we all fight the same monsters, we all fear the same darkness, and we all hope to be conquerors of our destiny. The intensity of our love is only rivalled by that of our contempt. We fight, we rebel, we speak against powers that seek to destroy us; we stand strong against gargantuan forces, or we crash and burn, divided and beaten.

PETRIe 68 looks at the monsters, the darkness that pervades in a world permanently lit; it follows the intricate paths of nomads and questions the possibility of being in a constant exile, even when standing perfectly still. Inequality, injustice, limits, walls, barriers, prejudice – these are the many faces of the monster we all fear. How do we stop the fear? How do we bring down the walls? How do we remove prejudice?

PETRIe 68 coming soon….

Words: Elena Stanciu

Video Editor: Fabio Merche