Coat by Florence Bridge.


Right: Blazer by Kenzo.


Left: Suit vintage. Right: Jacket by Louis Féraud from Celia Darling Vintage.


Knickers and Bra by Cadolle.


Left: Corset by Cadolle and Jewellery by Bonanza. Right: Boots by Maison Ernest.

This story explores a world of vice and darkness layered on a visual language of poetry, grace, and delicate forms of existence. The heroine of Palladium is centre stage, embodying the fragility and vulnerability of free spirits who bare themselves and let themselves go, in a macabre dance of pageants and role games.

Inspired by director Wong Kar-Wai’s fil In the Mood for Love, photographer Charlie Melchiori visualise the affective experience of dawn and dusk, the transformations we each feel as the day goes on and draws to an end. Does night make us more complete or more hollow? What does the night teach us?

Photographer - Charlie Melchiori

Hair Stylist - Yui Hirohata

Make-Up Artist - Yin Liu

Talent - Yingying Yang

LocationLe Bus Palladium