Skirt by Molly Goddard, Top and Shoes by Sheryn Akiki.


Shirt and Shirt by SOS Steve Smith, Shoes by Yuhan Wang.


Left: Dress by Jonna Ru, Jacket by Molly Goddard, Shoes, Hat and Gloves by Yuhan Wang. Right: Skirt by Molly Goddard and Top by Sheryn Akiki.


From left to right: Dress by Mimi Wade. Skirt and Shirt by SOS Steve SmithSkirt by Marta Jakubowski and Skirt by Sheryn Akiki.


Dress by Jonna Ru, Jacket by Molly Goddard and Hat by Yuhan Wang.


Skirt by Sheryn Akiki, Shirt by Marta Jakubowski and Shoes by Sheryn Akiki.



As part of the “Morgan Stanley Friday Late: A Bridge to the Continent” event, curated by Rosemary Cronin and hosted by the Wallace Collection with live drawing class led by Megan st Clair, PETRIe Creative Director Fabio Merche has put together innovative looks with garments from some of the most promising designers of our time. His choices in styling are simultaneously in line and in subtle counterpoint with the culturally rich ambience and form a statement on the potential and capacity of European fashion today.

With editorial artwork produced by VHFdigital, this story proposes an original way of engaging with fashion design, adding a layer of interpretation and visual complexity to the shots.


Editorial Artwork Produced by VHFdigital

StylistFabio Merche

Hair Stylist -  Shaun Mcintosh

Make-Up ArtistBernadette Krejci

Talents - Mirabelle Taylor Cummings, Sereta Baldwin and Darya Arbuzova

Special Thanks  to Rosemary Cronin,  Megan St Clair,  Wallace Collection