This week, PETRIe draws together a pantone of neutral sounds, frozen together besides the present desaturated season. As the climate draws ever nearer to a close, witness the slow transformation across trembling natural music.

This playlist incorporates a flow of ambient calls and experimental instruments structured, in a way that resembles the tide of the wind and cycle of the winter sky.

Tobias - Owls

Soosh - Always (Shigeto's What We've Been Thru Redux)

Atu - Doubts

Distance Decay - Held

Warpaint - Biggy

Hior Chronik - The Shadow Of Your Crave

Horsebeach - Let You Down

The Doubling Riders - Garama

MAS YSA - Years

Satchmode - Best Intentions

Nest - Far From Land

Sun Glitters - Beside Me (About Girls remix)

Kanye West - Say You Will Feat Caroline Shaw

Julien Marchal - Insight II

Serein - Horror Birds

Loscil  - Container Ships

Black Vines - Shadows (Dag Rosenqvist Re-work)

Distance Decay - What You Said

Falls - 07022016

William Basinski - Dlp 1.3

Words: Luke Cole