PETRIe's Music Associate, Luke Cole, curates the top tracks to put on your playlist this week.

This week’s playlist delves into the openness of space and the sonic matter that incorporates such a vast landscape. It explores isolated sounds, galactic signals, satellite communication and encrypted messages, along with the sensory associations from solar winds, dark energy, alien echoes and galactic storms.

Inspired by films such as Gravity (2013), Interstellar (2014), The Martian (2015) and the many adventures and out-of-this-world phenomenons explored in Star Trek, we delve towards unimaginable distances and wonder of endless deep voids. The divineness of gravity and the inescapable black hole open the doorway of nothingness.

Dalot -Home

Steve Hauschildt - Watertowers

Holographic Field - Afloat

Tristan Eckerson - Things Have Gotten Hairy

Luke Abbott - Forgive and Remember

Daigo Hanada - Again

Rival Consoles - Chords and Drone

Rhian Sheehan - I Just See You

Eluvium - Currents

Zefora - Monk By The Sea Ft. Zefora

Luke Howard - August, a Decade

Luke Howard - Oculus

Tim Shiel - Crater Ft. Ben Edgar

James Everingham - Absolute Zero

Rival Consoles - Ghosting

Benoit Pioulard - Noyaux

Ensemble Economique - From The Train Window, Red Flowers on The Mountain

Stars Of The Lid - Piano Aquieu

Aix Em Klemm - The Luxury of Dirt

Keith Kenniff - Breaking

Photography: Paolo Nespoli