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Right: Trousers and Coat by Roksanda, Shoes by Aeydē.

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Left: Dress by Sabinna and Boots by  Aeydē. Centre: Coat by Aimée. Far Right: Bra by Aimée and Trousers by Milo Maria.

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Tights by FalkeSkirt and Jacket by ShrimpsBoots by Balenciaga.

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Right: Coat by Roksanda.

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Shorts by Esau YoriJacket by Milo Maria and Shoes by Aeydē.

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Left: Shirt and Top by Ganni. Right: Body and Coat by Aimée.

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This story is inspired by the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat, in the version of Hugh Everett's theory of multiple options of reality, reinterpreted as something fluid rather than fixed. Everything that can happen will happen; to each version of reality its own scenario.

The “real” world contains the possibility of becoming different; therefore, this possibility is located outside the world, under the guise of other possible worlds. What if future history had in store for us events, whose possibility of occurring were not imaginable or even representable before the event actually occurs? Optional Reality proposes a play with theories of what could be in “the box,” showing an unclear image of a possibility and then revealing it. Once the viewer decides to look further, onto the next image of the story, the possibility of what could have been shown in the unclear image, will manifest itself into one clear image.

As reality as we know it is being heavily being questioned by popular media products that look for ways to circumvent our current state of reality, we recognise a form of escapism in the hope to find better things in the alternate version of the known. The essential question arises: Do we have to choose? Is our conscious decision the trigger to what we'll eventually find in “the box?”


Photography - Catharina Pavitschitz

Styling - Suzi Rezler

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Delphine Bonnet

Make-Up Artist - Machiko Yano

Talent - Stephanie at Elite London

Photographer’s Assistant - Dragoș Czinjepolschi