Left: Knickers stylist's own, Top from Modes and More, Boots by Natacha Marro. Right: Bra by What Katie Did, Jacket from Modes and More, Boots and Bracelet by Osman, Earrings and Necklaces from Gillian Horsup.


Top and Hat from Modes and More, Earring from Gillian Horsup and Choker by Chanel.


Boots by Natacha Marro.


Right: Tights stylist's own and Knickers by Atsuko Kudo.


Boots by Natacha Marro.


Right: Corset by What Katie Did and Necklace from Gillian Horsup.


Trousers from Modes and More.


Left: Headpiece stylist's own and Necklaces from Gillian Horsup. Right: Knickers by What Katie Did, Corset by House of Harlot and Top by Aries and Boots by Natacha Marro.


The inspiration for this story was the connection between darkness and eroticism. Photographer Nicola Favaron and stylist Raul Castilla explore the freedom of expression in the body and persona using black as the main colour in order to highlight different angles of the body.

 Black is a colour that creates distance between the individual and others; it suggests intimacy, but also the journey through darkness in order to reach intimacy. This creates a type of power and sexiness that enrich the individual.


Photographer - Nicola Favaron

Stylist - Raul Castilla

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair and Make-UpMagdalena Mags

Talent - Kea L @ M+P Models