PETRIe is delighted to present New Feminine Mystique, an artwork by videographer Andrea Picci, representing the artist´s creative engagement with the work of photographer Hedvig Jenning and stylist Samia Giobellina for one of the four covers of the upcoming PETRIe print issue.

New Feminine Mystique looks at the fragmentary nature of femininity – a notion historically subjected to multiple processes of encoding of meaning and subsequent attempts at decoding, from various positions of power and powerlessness. If Jenning and Giobellina opt for a rather well-behaved form of visual story-telling, Picci highjacks expectations and senses, using elements of collage, repetition, and superimposition, which, much like femininity itself, deepen their own enigmas and ambiguities.


Video - Andrea Picci

Photographer - Hedvig Jenning

Fashion Director - Samia Giobellina

Talent - Linnea Rimberg at Nisch Management