Earrings by Mola Sasa.


Left: Swimsuit by Araks, Skirt by Fiorella Pratto and Bangle by Mola Sasa. Right: Earrings from Gillian Horsup.


Left: Swimsuit by Baserange and Earrings from Gillian Horsup. Right: Dress and Shoes by Mulberry.


Left: Earring by Mola Sasa. Right: Dress by Courtney Anne Mitchell.


Left: Dress by Xu Zhi and Headscarf from Modes and More Vintage.


Left: Dress by Faustine Steinmetz, Earrings from Gillian Horsup, Bangles by Mola Sasa and from Gillian Horsup. Right: Scarf worn as a Dress by Missoni, Brooch from Gillian Horsup, and Shoes by Le Monde Beryl x Mola Sasa.

Inspired by the work of Colombian artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos, this fashion story is led by vibrancy, colour, the abundance and richness of Colombian environment and culture.

Photographer Morgan Hill-Murphy and stylist Katarina Silva produce Nervous when Iā€™m with You as an exploration of the sustainable fashion brand Mola Sasa, whose hand-crafted accessories blend uniqueness and a fresh aesthetics with a sense of culture and heritage. The story is a reflection and a meditation, and it successfully captures the ethos of the brand.

Photographer - Morgan Hill-Murphy

Stylist - Katarina Silva

Hair and Make-Up - Emilie Louizides

Talent - Melody at The Hive London