All looks by Neith Nyer.







From photographer Celine Bischoff and stylist Laetitia Gimenez comes Neith Nyer AW17 Special. The story is a visual exploration of the 2000s´ advertising aesthetics, and is inspired by free-spirited, unpredictable young women, who blur the boundaries of taste in fashion.

Moving away from a point of view rooted in nostalgia, Bischoff and Gimenez manage to turn the attention on the sense of freedom and the idiosyncrasies of a generation that escapes categorisation, but still gravitates around a core of originality.


PhotographerCeline Bischoff

StylistLaetitia Gimenez

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Production - Thomas Massias

Casting - Remi Felipe

Hair Stylist - Ludovic Dupuis

Make-Up Artist - Hugo Villard

Talent - Sofya Titova at Silent Models