“You don't know who you are, unless you know where you come from.” Photographer Maroussia Sampsidis finds her life to reflect this undeniable truth. As granddaughter of immigrants, she explores her heritage, hoping to unravel the culture, the values, the tradition, and the unfailing love that her grandparents took with them, when they left Russia, in the 1920s. 

For My Russia, Sampsidis visits Moscow and St. Petersburg, on a cold Russian summer, and finds herself accepted by these wonderfully diverse cities. Her trip is a visual immersion in a labyrinth of old and new, of memories and dreams, of people and places, all fragments of one extraordinary story. Sampsidis transforms the space she enters, with the restless curiosity and joy of someone in search of beauty, where beauty can definitely be found. This journey is a confirmation of something she already knew: that where she comes from will, without a doubt, drive her future. 

Words: Elena Stanciu

Photography: Maroussia Sampsidis