PETRIe's Music Associate, Luke Cole, curates the top tracks to put on your playlist this week.

This playlist is inspired by the highly successful sounds from experimental LA-based Flying Lotus, and dark trip-hop, trap music and hip-hop beats. It is a bold and dark combination of trap drops, dubstep undertones and cold electronic drums.

Perfect for Halloween weekend, it provides cold hip-hop hooks, slow instrumentals that will cruise all night long, smashing samples on drum pads and savage finger drumming that will leave your ears rightfully drained. Tribal bass drums kick never ending claps alongside sharp snare drums. Whispa - 'Gentrify' (featuring. KRNE) cuts through with a full attack of bass, while drums mute unfolding dial-up chimes and wild keyboard scales. The intensity that Flying Lotus brings in with 'Mister Murky Socks (Los Angeles Alt Take Mix2)' highlights the aggressiveness throughout the core of the playlist. The flow of Zoomo with 'Fall[4u]' loads layer after layer of spray paint, then switches into the kind of radio track you would hear in a grand theft auto traffic jam. As you progress into the fitting outro from Patrick Perkins, 'Sirro', you can just imagine a sunset edging its way below the boulevard to such a classic track to skate to. The flute and snare sounds bounce off one another to allow this warm guitar to overlay two notes.

Zikomo - Eclipse

Ta-ku - American Girl Ft. Wafia

Blaze Tiger - Planet Ashley

Purity Ring - Fineshrine

Working For A Nuclear Free City - Je Suis Le Vent (V TrVp Remix)

Matt Martians - Bounse

Flying Lotus - Mister Murky Socks (Los Angeles Alt Take Mix2)

Kalko - Baewave is Back

Eli - Matte

Bookworms - African Rhythms

Juxta Position - The Darkness (Mistress Recordings 02)

Scathe - Celestial

Acidbrain - Black Caddy Ft. Genshin

Downtime - Lovell 2

Rich Beatz - Thermal

Whispa - Gentrify  Ft. KRNE

Medasin - Null

Zankyou - Youkai

Zoomo - Fall[4u]

Patrick Perkins - Sirro