Each week, PETRIe Music Editor, Dimas Bian, carefully curates the top tracks to put on your playlist.

The Landing - Then Comes The Wonder

Free n Losh - I Love You So

Saje - Lost Tonight (Max Liese Bootleg)

The Yetis - Mysterion

Hudson Mohawke feat. Irfane - Very First Breath

PILLARS - Woman Without Her Love

Yung Lean feat. Ballout - Wanna Smoke

Flamingo Jones - Skinny D.I.P

Asdasfr Bawd - Nobody

Everything Everything - Distant Past (Dorian Jung Remix)

Daniel Johns - Preach

Kuro BC - Steppin on Keys

MEG MAC - Every Lie

Kazy Lambist - Doing Yoga

Small Talk - Retrograding

The Japanese House - Pools To Bathe In

Monophona - Thumb

Happy Dagger - Who’s Waiting

Boss Moxi - Nymphomaniac

POND - Zond

Ben Khan - 1000

WLW8 - Called off