PETRIe's Music Associate, Luke Cole, curates the top tracks to put on your playlist this week.

The playlist is reminiscent of playing on the nintendo and platform and racing games from the 1990s-00s. Reminiscent of 8-Bit sounds and inspiring sequences, this week's playlist focusses on the playful nature of the gaming world. The indie developers that publish new experimental worlds for us to roam within also provide users with a soundtrack that blocks out reality. From eerie shadowy sounds to fast-paced racing noises.

This playlist is a reaction of samples that feed off one another. If this was a soundtrack to an adventure game, you would get lost in it. The space and feedback created from the introduction alone welcomes you to a hue of noise to come. Journey through endless flatlands, infinite colours and shapeshifting loops.

Metsä - Catching Your Thoughts

Fin2limb - Juniper

XLR8R - Fran Seven - Son

Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind

Creta Kano - False Water

Rex The Dog - Sicko

Flying Lotus - About that time // A Glitch Is A Glitch

Sam Gellaitry — Long Distance

Luke Abbott - Night Bike

Chrome Sparks - Moonraker

Vessels - Echo In (Rival Consoles Remix)

Eric Thielemans - Sprang

Torkelsen - Tor Kel Sen (Vessels Remix)

Fort Romeau - I Need U

Kornél Kovács - KOKO

Maricopa - Balcony Life

Mixmag - Taifa

Epsom - Club Spheric Ft. Falls

Tristan Eckerson - Galapagos

Patrick Perkins - Panic