Renowned as the home of next generation talent, London has done it again with The Age of L.U.N.A. Still only teenagers, the British-based foursome brings together smooth hip hop beats and age-old 90s sounds in their music, mixing it up with fresh vocals and a new burst of soul. Their name stands for “Live Under No Authority” and little stands in their way of becoming the next big thing. In a two-part special, exclusively for PETRIe, The Age of L.U.N.A has put together a playlist showcasing their biggest musical influences.


Marvin Gaye – 'Trouble Man'

I first heard this song whilst watching Seven. It was playing in the background and I loved the melody of it. I spent ages searching for the tune then! It’s beautiful.

Kate Bush – 'Blow Away'

The meaning of this song is so deeply emotional. It's one of the first Bush songs I heard and the sweetness made me cry. "Music is all that he's got in his life" - the first line reminds me of confiding in somebody and vice versa, and the beautiful feeling that brings.

Aretha Franklin – 'Day Dreaming'

My manager sent me over loads of Aretha and I delved into it all and found my personal gems - this is one of them. A beautiful love story about getting away; I would listen to it over and over. I have memories with this song.

Massive Attack – 'Black Milk'

This is in my Top 10 favourite songs ever. It's been a HUGE influence on my vocal and writing style. The darkness yet the sweet tinge of her voice gives juxtaposition when you look deeper. This was the first song I learnt on bass actually!

Furns - ‘Keeper'

I love her melodies and vocal softness - the old influenced style of music that supports her voice.

Arto Lindsay – Illuminated

This song is so beautiful. I found it amongst King Krule’s Rinse FM mix, where I found loads of gems in his influences and felt it was really special for him to share them. The song is really downbeat but it has this highlight of hope in him being illuminated. It's like finding the beauty in the darkness.


KNXWLEDGE - ‘Pastry’

I like how he flipped the D'Angelo sample, plus his general drum swing is great!

Nas - 'The World is Yours’

This was the first old school hip hop tune I heard. The lyrics and production were very inspirational. 

Madlib  - 'Please Set Me at Ease’

I love how he does the arrangement and the instrumentation is amazing!

Black Star - 'Little Brother’

The sampling technique in this track is so good because J-Dilla had to find different parts of the track, which had no vocal, but he managed to make it sound like a normal loop.

Words: The Age of L.U.N.A