Each week, PETRIe Music Editor, Dimas Bian, carefully curates the top tracks to put on your playlist.

This week's playlist features a collection of ambient sounds that can help you focus and relax. This selection also provides a good introduction for those who are not familiar with the ambient music genre. Have a listen and let us know your favourite tunes @PETRIeINVENTORY!

Move Orchestra - Rupture

Mesa Luna - Waster (Noble Oak Remix)

Thom Byles - The Great Outdoors


Tülpa - Wave

Superpoze - Unlive (Dream Koala Rework)

Mount Dreams - Night Dive ft. Anatomy

Kidswaste - Miss You

NAM’PA - Back In Time ft. Lola

KASSEO - Under The Waterfall


Broke For Free - Juparo

W. Baer - I Think I Think About You Too Much

Helios - Pearls

Apparat - A Violent Sky

Oliver Tank - Sound Of Silence ft. Fawn Myers

Masayoshi Fujita - Tears Of Unicorn

Hidden Rivers - In And Out Of Days

Amane - For Even My Mother ft. Jamie Isaac

AMBASSADEURS - Breathe ft. Folly Rae

Havvks - Dust