Each week, PETRIe Music Editor, Dimas Bian, carefully curates the top tracks to put on your playlist.

Metric - The Shade

Beach Baby - No Mind No Money

Turtle – The Floor

HOLYCHILD – Money All Around

NEET - Hot Chocolate

Diveo - I Want To Be Your Friend

Kharisma - Smile (Happy New Year)

Portico - Into A Vision ft Jono McCleery

Py - Glummywood

Ambassadeurs - Crimson

Ducktails - Headbangin In The Mirror

DREAM WIFE - Believe

LANY - Someone Else

NAO - Inhale Exhale


Trails and Ways - Say You Will

Bullythemusic - Trying

Patrick James - California Song

Arctic Lake - Only me

Chase Coy - Like Sin

Machine Age - Chivalry