Having discussed their experiences of failure and what it has taught them, the PETRIe team answers the question of how they stay motivated.

Zadrian Smith, Editor-in-Chief:

I try to speak to my family often. They are humble and grounded and don’t pretend to fully understand what I do. Their innocent perspective adds value to what I do, but also helps me remember that if all fails, I still have a place I can call home.

Campbell Addy, Creative Director, Youth and Subculture Editor:

I have down days like all people and to keep me motivated I watch the following: 

Southbank Show: Tracey Emin 

Southbank Show: John Galliano 

I Am Divine 

Andy Warhol documentaries: especially the one broadcast by Channel 4. 

Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light 

The Many Lives of William Klein 

Basically all my heroes and their documentaries - hearing them speak about their work rejuvenates me.

Grace Carter, Editorial and Features Director:

My mum always taught me the value of ‘deferred gratification’ when growing up. As a child, I thought it was the worst possible excuse for why I should be doing homework instead of going out... but as I got older and more things started happening as a result of this hard work and determination, I realised what she meant. Now it is one of my favourite sayings.

You may not see results immediately in the short-term, but always keep in mind the long-term, and the energy to persevere will follow. Another motivation for me is that I have set myself huge goals in life - and unless I work for them, they will never become a reality. But I am so excited by the possibility that I might be able to make them happen that I will do whatever it takes - and I don’t like being defeated.

Finally, success is contagious. They say you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with; surround yourself with motivated, positive people and the rest will come about organically.

Desi Lazarova, International Fashion Director:

By being positive and focussed. I like to remind myself that not everyone gets to follow their dreams, and knowing that I am doing what I’ve always wanted to is very motivating. 

Desmond Lim Zhengs, Fashion Director:

To constantly be on my toes. My biggest critic is myself; I am extra critical of what I do and how I work. So that motivates me to do better. 

Katie Aske, Features Editor:

I follow the mantra: “If you hate something, change something.” If what I’m doing is not making me happy then I try to approach it differently. I don’t believe in giving up, but there are times when you have to admit something is not right for you and it’s not worth your energy. I don’t ever let the fear of change hold me back. At times I have things I don’t want to do but have to do - we all do - but I think about the reason I am doing it, and stay focussed on that.

Elizabeth Neep, Features Associate:

I pray, I run, I dance. I seek advice and encouragement from those I respect. I surround myself by positive influences. I get outdoors. I read, I listen to music, enjoy art - finding motivation in the words and images of those far wiser than myself. And when all else fails, caffeine tends to help.

Angela Hamilton-Daley, Beauty Editor:
Visiting art galleries, being with my kids, seeing friends, swimming, buying new fragrances.

Blake Erik, Beauty Editor:

The more inspired I am, the more motivated I am. My endless pursuit to find new music, art, literature, and photography has been a great challenge, but one that has given me a clear vision of what motivates me. Once you’ve truly seen what is possible of an artist in your line of work, how could you ever settle for mediocrity? You must want to achieve greatness in order to attain greatness. The struggle, although torturous, has been very effective.

Martin Brown, Financial Director, Politics Editor:

Staying motivated is all about your attitude and how you see yourself - it comes from within.

Brillant Nyansago, Managing Editor and Social Media Editor:

Truly believe in the work, the outcome, and yourself.

Sorana Serban, Art Editor:

I have a short memory. I quickly forget things that de-motivate me and hold on to what I’m passionate about.

Charlotte Sutherland-Hawes, Lifestyle Editor:

By knowing that I’m on a trajectory that can only be defined by me. If I don’t make it happen, no one else is going to pave my path for me.

Dimas Bian, Music Editor:
If you are doing what you love and are passionate about it, I truly believe that you always stay motivated.

Words: Team Collective

Image Source: Follow your dreams by Banksy, Boston, 2010